Kinky Rockcarvings
by Hjalmar Olsson

Meet our nasty ancestors!

A 64-page book with genuine rockcarvings from the Bronze Age, depicting erotic scenes of all kinds. Some of them could by our standards pass as romantic, but most of them are really, really kinky.

In other words, this book may give a new perspective on our ancestors...

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Below you'll find the latest news about the book and the project.

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  • August 6th - A lecture on Kinky Rockcarvings was held at Vitlycke museum

  • June 11th - Swedish radio recommends Kinky Rockcarvings among history books for this summer.
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  • April 28th - Aftonbladet writes about the book.
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  • March 7th - a release party was held at Café Edenborg.
    See pictures from the party!

  • March 5th - Hjalmar speaks about Kinky Rockcarvings at Nordegren i P1, Swedish radio.

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